4 Ways to Generate Leads for Your SaaS Company

Marketing within the SaaS space is a different process than more traditional channels. Here at Vinyl Marketing, we’ve experienced this first hand.

But just because you’re in the SaaS space, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to generate leads. You do. But getting them is a little different than, say, an e-commerce site.

Here are the four primary strategies for getting prospects to take action on your offerings.

1. Free Trial

The Free Trial model is a popular one. The reason for this is because it works.

The idea is to give access to a potential customer to your product for a limited amount of time. Thirty-day and two-week trials in exchange for some contact info (email address, at the very least) are the most popular. The hope is that your solution will prove indispensable for your prospect and they’ll pull the trigger before the end of the trial.

Onboarding, with any SaaS solution, is always important. But it’s THE most important thing when it comes to the Free Trial model. You have to be there every step of the way to make sure the prospect knows what to do, where to do it, and how it’s all done.

If that onboarding strategy is absent, this model isn’t going to generate much revenue… which, at the end of the day, is what you should be after.

2. Freemium

A slight spin on the Free Trial model, the Freemium strategy is to give your prospect a “mini” version of the full product/service suite. The hope is that they’ll get a little taste and want a whole lot more.

You just have to make sure that a core piece of the overall functionality is one, available in the full, paid version, and two, worth the price of admission.

3. “Get a Quote”

Done poorly, this strategy is a disaster.

But done correctly, it could be a legitimate revenue-driver.

Here’s what I mean…

If you simply give a short pitch for your SaaS solution and toss a “Get a Quote” button as a Call to Action at the end, you’re not going to get a ton of fish in that net.

The reason? Because this strategy ignores a basic fact about why the prospect is clicking that button in the first place.

They want to know how much it costs, of course. But what does that mean? It means they’ve decided that they have a real pain point that needs alleviated, they’ve probably already checked out the competition, and they’re looking for a price because they’re about to pull the trigger. With you, maybe, but maybe not.

So, your strategy here should be this: Definitely give them a quote, but don’t JUST give them a quote. Instead, use this interaction as an opportunity to go over the benefits of your product/service again, how it stacks up against your competitors, and also show the customer that you’re helpful.

People still buy from people, after all. And if you give them the service and education they need at this critical step within the decision stage, it’ll go a long way towards turning a prospect into a customer.

4. Speak to Your Funnel

In a similar vein, make sure your content marketing is hitting each level of your sales funnel.

Here are the four:

Your prospect doesn’t know they have a pain point. It’s your job to make that clear to them. Your marketing has to identify the problem and educated that person. You aren’t selling here. Just educating.

This is the stage where the potential customer is aware of their problems. They haven’t chosen a solution yet, but they’re starting to check out potential options.

At this stage you are still educating.

The prospect now knows about your competitors, if not you as well. The job here is to differentiate yourself. Why is your solution to their problem better than all the others?

They’ve bought from you. Now it’s your job to nurture them along and earn their business all over again.

So, for the four stages of the funnel, your content marketing has to account for each. You might do a blog post for Awareness, an ebook for the Consideration stage, a product comparison infographic for Decision, and a series of training/nurturing emails for Delight. However you do it, you just need to make sure it’s done.

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