7 Proven Steps for Killing it (Kindly) for Your Integrative Medicine Practice On Facebook

Facebook is maybe the best social media platform for integrative health brands today… if only because so many people are using it.

And by “so many” I actually mean almost 2 billion daily active users.

That’s more than a quarter of humans currently alive on earth.

(That’s also roughly around 2% of every human that has ever lived on earth. EVER.)

So, building your brand on Facebook is probably a smart idea.

Here are 7 best practices for making your Facebook marketing efforts not just worth your time, but also a vital part of your Integrative Health practice’s core strategy.

1. Get Social

It’s not called social media by accident. Facebook is all about engagement. It’s not enough to just post a bunch of content—even if it’s the best content ever—and then sit back and wait for your prospects to com pouring in.


You’ve got to get out there and engage.

Like, comment, share. And do it consistently.

2. Be Consistent

Speaking of consistency, your posting strategy also needs to be consistent.

The way the Facebook algorithm works with your followers’ feeds is that if you post 3 things, for example, in one hour, the first two posts are going to be buried almost instantly.

So, post just once a day.

And do it every day.

3. Plan It Out

Facebook has a scheduler built into your page’s business manager.

So, to save time, create all your posts ahead of time, load them up into the scheduler, and them let your content stream start dripping.

4. Publish at the Right Time

When you publish is often just as important as what you publish.

From inside Business manager, you can go to your page, click on Insights at the top, and see when your posts are getting the most engagement.

You can use this data to maximize your followers’ engagement by scheduling your posts at time when your followers are most likely the most receptive.

5. Complete Your About Section

The more information—relevant information—you have in your page profile, the better.

So, make sure it’s accurate, up to date, and reflects what your brand is all about.

So if your Integrative health practice isn’t on Pinterest yet, I hope these 5 tips will convince you that it’s worth your time.

Just remember: Consistency and quality are vital.

Keep it educational, entertaining, and beautiful, and if you pin regularly, you’ll not only see an uptick in followers and webpage visits.

You’ll also see that work reflected in how many more people will look to you for their health solutions!

6. Make Your Page Sparkle

There are a lot of messy-looking business pages out there. Your job is to make your page beautiful, simple to navigate, and inviting.

Use your logo (or your face, depending on your branding approach) for your profile picture.

Also, use a good, high quality image for your cover photo. Make it flow aesthetically with your profile picture.

Your goals here are credibility and usability. If something on your page doesn’t serve one—or, preferably both—of those ends, leave it out.

7. Videos and Pictures

The whole point of Facebook is to drive engagement. And what does Facebook prioritize as far as what your followers are going to see?

Video is king. Facebook loves video, probably because its users love video.

So, post videos.

Secondly, post photos.

Although photos don’t get the engagement that videos typically do, second place is still a great place to be. Use high-quality, compelling images with your posts. Every time.


Your future clients are out there right now sharing, commenting, liking, hearting, and making connections on Facebook.

So take these 7 best practices and start drawing your future ideal clients right back to you!

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