Digital Marketing Manager

A little bit about the job

We are seeking an experienced Digital Marketing Manager to join the team on a full-time basis; this position can be in-person in our Ashland, OH office or fully remote. The Digital Marketing Manager is an integral part of the team, responsible for the implementation of marketing strategy for our clients.

What you'd be doing

  • Build, manage, and optimize all digital advertising campaigns and accounts across all leading digital ad platforms (Facebook/Instagram, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Build and manage ad campaigns
    • Monitor performance and optimize ads, budgets, audiences, and campaigns
    • Make recommendations about strategy, targeting, and budget allocation based on performance
  • Participate in optimization meetings with the marketing and accounts teams
  • Build, maintain, and optimize marketing automation workflows, emails, lists, and forms
  • Manage SEO for marketing clients
  • Create, manage, and optimize regular and customized reporting and analytics for all digital marketing clients

About You

  • A minimum of 2 years experience managing at least $10,000 per month in media spend
  • Facebook and Google Ad Certifications (preferred but not required)
  • Email automation experience
  • Highly organized with a sharp attention to detail
  • Experience with reporting/data analysis
  • Strong communication skills
  • A strong ability to think on your feet and seek to find answers when they are immediately unclear


  • Leadership experience

To grow our team, we're looking for people who will be great fits in our culture and be excited by our core values. At Vinyl, we value...

  • Great People: We only work with great people here at Vinyl–we place a huge amount of autonomy, responsibility, respect and trust in them to deliver amazing results for our clients. And we also only work with great clients–people who are doing great things for their customers, making a real difference in the world, and who view us as a partner and not just a gun for hire.
  • Great Craftsmanship: Actually, scratch that: Great Craftspersonship. We take a breath before we deliver anything and ask “Is this the best we can do? Are we proud of this?” If the answer is no, we go back to the drawing board. We don’t ship work we aren’t proud of, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Great Processes: We don’t “wing” anything. We believe the best results and most fantastic creativity flow from tried and true processes. That’s why we are process-driven to the core. And only the best, most effective, most results producing processes survive.
  • Great Results: You can build the prettiest boat in history, but if it doesn’t float, it’s nothing more than a waste of perfectly good wood. Everything we do is in an effort to produce clear, measurable results for our clients. They profit and we profit. Which means we can continue to produce beautiful, brilliant things that have strategy spun through every strand of DNA.
  • Great Experiences: We are passionate about creating great experiences at every level of engagement. Both inside and outside the company. Internally, we value, recognize, and support each other, every day. For our clients—and their clients too!– this means we do great work, communicate well, take responsibility for our mistakes, use good judgement, and do what we say we’re going to do. This also means that we don’t put up with jerks—both in terms of employees as well as clients. Positivity wins, and we like to win.

If this seems like it might be a good fit, email a resume, references, and cover letter to careers@vinylmarketing.com