Video Specialist

Telling stories through the magic of motion picture. Do people still call it "motion picture?"

Vinyl Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Ashland, Ohio, seeks an experienced full-time Video Specialist to join the team. Semi-remote work is an option for this position.

The Video Specialist at Vinyl Marketing is an integral part of our video production team to film, edit footage, and deliver a final product that's suitable for a variety of applications.

Job Duties Include


  • Work internally as part of the Vinyl team to help develop a creative direction, shotlists, and then be an integral part in seeing that direction come to life.


Work as part of a team during video shoots to:

  • Unload, set up, and tear down camera, lighting, and sound equipment
  • Operate camera and sound equipment
  • Direct on-screen talent as required


  • Organize, tag, and store footage
  • Skilled with Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe After Effects
  • Skilled at color correcting and color grading footage
  • Use music, sound design, and voice-over sequences to enhance footage
  • Experiment with styles and techniques including the design of animated graphic elements, as needed
  • Participate in project premieres, listening to client feedback to make a final round of edits to the project, and deliver the final product to the client.


  • The ability to shoot and edit professional quality photographs
  • Experience with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Skills & Qualifications Desired

  • High level of proficiency with camera operation, lighting techniques, and capturing sound
  • Expert editor using Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, with an eye for detail, a ton of creativity and a passion for film and video editing
  • Experience with drone filming and piloting; drone pilot’s license is a plus
  • Experience with story and shot development
  • Self-starter who enjoys feedback and collaborates well with a team
  • A focused editor who’s able to concentrate on a project for several days at a time
  • Does great work under pressure and manages time well, meeting deadlines

To apply, email careers@vinylmarketing.com with:

1. Resume
2. Your portfolio/personal website
3. Demo reel
4. A list of your software experience with years of experience and rating of skill level on each software