Everything Has Changed:

A Revolutionary New Approach to Advancement

Everything Has Changed

A Revolutionary New Approach to Advancement

What if you woke up one day and discovered that your home was sitting on an oil well large enough that, once tapped, would provide for you and your family for generations. Would you drill?

Of course you would. It would be unthinkable not to.

Your institution is currently sitting on a wealth of data. It’s just sitting there, unused, untapped, collecting dust. And we want to invite you to learn how to drill into this resource that will change the trajectory of your institution, no matter its size.

Over the seven videos below, we’ll outline the strategy we use to partner with universities and show real life examples of how insane the increases in giving were across the board.

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01 Lightning Talk

What if you were sitting on land that was rich with oil... would you drill for it? Your institution is currently sitting on a wealth of data, and digital marketing is your drilling equipment. At Vinyl Marketing, we have worked with several Higher Ed advancement teams to leverage the power of digital marketing to revolutionize their approach to advancement and the results... well, they’re insane.

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02 A New, Modern Advancement Strategy

Higher Ed Advancement teams have followed the same rhythm for decades, and it worked. Until, of course, the world changed. As technology changed the landscape of communication and life as we know it, the optimal approach to Higher Ed Advancement has changed too. But, changing the way you work begins with strategy.

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03 You Can Have It All

You don’t have to choose anymore. Even small teams can have it all — an engaged and growing donor base AND well cultivated major gifts. By leveraging rich content to engage your potential, current, and lapsed donors and deploying powerful digital marketing tools, you can optimize your team and your donor base.

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04 The Advancement Funnel

Your relationship with each and every alumnus of your university is at a different point. By taking digital metrics and translating them into a funnel, nurturing disengaged alum into donors, and donors into major donors, your alumni engagement team and your advancement team can work in concert to invite each and every alumnus into their ideal relationship with their alma mater.

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05 Tracking & Utilizing Digital Metrics

Digital metrics give you powerful, real-time data that can be used in countless ways to fuel your departmental communications & marketing. Learn where and how to begin to implement them into your workflow and how we’re working with universities to dramatically change the way data informs their fundraising.

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06 A Case Study:
Ashland University

Embarking on a $50 million institutional campaign was a stretch goal for Ashland University. They have a small, mighty team and a lean marketing budget, yet they have been able to meet their goal nearly 2 years ahead of pace with record levels of giving, donor acquisition and donor engagement. VP of Institutional Advancement Margaret Pomfret tells the story of how this revolutionary new approach to advancement has changed the game for her team.

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07 Now What?

Everything has changed. The revolution is over. This is not that new. It’s new to you, but the title of this course should have been “the actual way to do Higher Ed advancement.” This isn’t experimental, this is the new best practice. You need to ask yourself, “Is this how our team is working?” If it’s not, you need to do it.

But listen, we get it. This is a lot of information to take in. So, if you have questions, we’re here to help.

One download covers all lessons so you're good to go!

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