The Framework

Content is way more than blogging.


You know you need content. But most marketing teams & business leaders lack either the direction, time, or the skill to produce vibrant video, copy, images, designs, etc. that will resonate with their prospects. When most brands think about creating content, they think of blogging. Sure, blogging is a big part of an inbound marketing strategy. But it’s only ONE part.

Your content starts with a story.

Our brains are hardwired for story. We draw connections without even trying. So, how should your brand start to create awesome videos, blogs, ebooks, etc.? Through Story. We’ll walk through a highly effective process called The Hero’s Journey to mill out your story, identify where you and your prospects fit, and show you what and when you NEED to be communicating. 

Alright, cool. So what do I get?

Our Framework process will help you define which topics you should choose & what formats your content should be in to make the biggest impact with your future raving fans.

You’ll come away with a clear understanding of 1) your story, 2) the buyer’s journey, 3) a host of ideas, 4) a three-month content creation calendar, 5) & a solid distribution plan to make sure the right prospects see your brand new killer content. After our strategy sessions you’ll walk away with a 30+ page PDF strategy plan that will set you on the path to distribute the best branded, yet client focused material you’ve ever produced.

Your move.



If you’d like to chat before pulling the trigger, hit the orange button down at the bottom right of the page. But hey, if you’re feeling good, have your credit card close by, and you’re looking to create a killer content plan, well then, let’s do this.

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