Instantly Craft Great Titles For Your Integrative Healthcare Marketing

The internet is a noisy place. To stand out, you need to craft great titles for your blog posts.


Because the days where you could just slap a title on a blog post, video, or content offer and expect it work are long gone.

You’re competing with the rest of the internet for your ideal future client’s attention. So every title counts.

Here are 5 types of titles that have been proven to work.

1. A Promise & a Direct Benefit

This style of title is just what it sounds like.

Make a promise that contains a clearly stated benefit for the prospect.

For example:

“Cure Your Migraines With These 2 Simple Tricks!”

2. Pose a Threat

Nobody wants bad things to happen to them or their loved ones. This type of title approaches that fear directly.

For Example:

“Hold the Cheese: What Big Dairy Isn’t Telling You.”

These should be used sparingly, but they should be in your arsenal.

3. Tap Into Your Expertise

Your prospect wants help with their problems.

And people with authority—industry experts, doctors, professional athletes, etc.—tend to give weight to ideas they get behind.

So, you can use that in your Integrative healthcare marketing endeavors.

For example:

“Learn the 6 Tricks that Top Surgeons Use to Treat Their Own Back Pain.”

4. Shock & Awe

Although I think these are way overused, they’re still an option. Mainly, because if used responsibly, they’re very effective. Using words like “shocking,” “sneaky,” “surprising,” “secret,” etc. can catch your prospect’s attention and get them clicking.


“The One Surprising Trick That Can Give You Unlimited Energy Every Afternoon.”

5. (Odd) Numbers

People love numbers. Especially odd ones.

I think part of the reason these kinds of titles do so well is that the prospect knows what they’re getting themselves into. They know there will be 5 of something. And that expectation drives engagement with your content.

So, there you go!

No matter which strategy you go with (or a blend of more than one) to craft great titles, just make sure that it accurately reflects your integrative healthcare practice’s content offer. The whole bait and switch thing has (mostly, and thankfully) run its course.

Trust is a valuable asset.

Don’t blow that up before you’ve even gotten the prospect’s foot in your door.

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