How to Create Great Content Offers (& Heal More People)

The whole point of marketing is to get your ideal prospects to do what you want them to do. Create content offers

And what you want them to do is take that next step towards engagement with your brand. That’s what a content offer is all about. You give them something fantastic—a video training series, an ebook, a white paper, a webinar, to name just a few—in exchange for a bit of important information.

But getting people to take that step… well, it’s not always easy.

So here are 5 tried and true ways to create, and then position, your content offers. Create content offers

1. Only 1 Day Left!

The element of scarcity is a powerful psychological motivation. People hate to be left out in the cold.

So, by restricting how many of your content offers are available, you can create the kind of urgency that will get that person to act now.

The three main types are:  Create Content Offers

  • Limited Time Offers
  • Limited Quantity Offers
  • A Combination of Both

Which technique you use is going to depend on what you’re offering.

For example, it’s not going to make sense to put a volume restriction on, say, an eBook… everyone knows that a you can’t ever run out of a digital product. Implying anything to the contrary sounds disingenuous.

You can, though, limit the seats on your webinars. Or video training series.

2. Get Your Butt On the Bandwagon!

People like belonging to groups. We’re a lot like lemmings.

So this psychological tendency can be great for the efficacy of your content offers.

If you have good numbers on something, share them:

  • Join 40,000 people who’ve attended this training
  • 50,000 people have downloaded this eBook create content offers
  • 100,000 people have joined our email list

Don’t fudge the numbers, obviously. But if you have the numbers, use them to your advantage.

3. Speak Their Language

Your offer could be the best one in the world. But if you aren’t speaking your ideal prospect’s language, you’re not going to have much success.

View your offer from their perspective. And then use language that aligns with their needs.

4. Keep the Journey In Mind

When you’re creating your content offer, pay attention to who that offer is for.

Meaning, where are they in the Buyer’s Journey? create content offers

Have they ever heard of you? Are they even aware of their own problems that you have the solution for?

Have they heard of you but are researching the competition as well?

Are they ready to make a decision but just need that extra little push to get them to engage with you?

Or, even, are they a returning or former client, patient, or member?

Content offers aren’t one-size-fits-all. You need to make sure your offer aligns with where they are.

5. Value, Value, Value

Some formats are good for content offers. Others, not so much. For example, trying to get someone to give you their email address in exchange for, say, reading a single blog probably isn’t going to work. It has to be bigger than something they can get totally free a million other places online.

Here are a few of the content offers shown to convert the best:

  • Templates or Presentations
  • Research & Reports Create content offers
  • Whitepapers
  • Kits (multiple offers packaged together)
  • Live Webinars  create content offers
  • Video Training
  • Ebooks or Guides

So, I hope you’ll take this information and use it as you go create your content! Create content offers create content offers

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