How to Write Simple Descriptions for Complex Tech Products

You’ve developed something awesome, and it’s ready to launch. So, how do you craft a powerful product description that will resonate with your prospects enough that they want to purchase it?

Good question. Here are the four things that serve as the foundation for great product descriptions.

Know Your Buyer (Persona)

To resonate with your audience, you first have to know who they are.

Or, more specifically, who your one, single ideal prospect it.

This is called a Buyer Persona (BP).

Developing a Buyer Persona is a vital part of any marketing strategy, but this is doubly true in the SaaS space. Knowing who you are targeting will inform every strategic marketing decision you make going forward.

You can learn how to build a powerful Buyer Persona here.

Focus on the Benefits

The biggest problem with product descriptions is that they’re generally just little piles of semi-structured spec vomit. You care mainly about the features. Your BP probably won’t.

The key is to write the product description from the point of view of your BP. If you know them, you’ll know what they’re interested in. You’ll know how your product could benefit them, as well as why they’d be interested in choosing you over the competition.

You’re not selling a certain SaaS solution. You’re selling all the benefits that come as a direct result of it.

Let Your Existing Customers Tell it

If you have existing customers, it might be an effective strategy to reach out to them and have them offer a sentence or two about how they’ve benefitted from your product.

People trust other people far more than they trust businesses. You can use that to your advantage.

Plus, you get a perspective on your product that will skew far closer to your BP’s than yours ever could.

Metrics, Metrics, and More Metrics

You’ll only know what’s working if you check the numbers. Look at your site traffic. What are people reading? Are they sticking around for a bit, or are they peacing out after a click or two?

You can create the theoretically most powerful product description in the universe, but if it’s not resonating, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Your own site can be a powerful tool in determining if your prospects are picking up what you’re laying down… or if they aren’t seeing the benefits as clearly as they need to.



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