How Integrative Health Marketing (Literally) Saved My Life

Hi, my name is Jared Crooks. I’m the Content Director here at Vinyl Marketing.

And Integrative Health Marketing saved my life.

But before I tell you how, let me tell you a story.

Scott Williams—our fearless leader and President—and I started Vinyl Marketing in the fall of 2015. He had a heavy marketing and sales background and I was a copywriter by trade and had some experience in the small business world.

We were getting everything set up for the business and just getting ready to start looking for clients when… well, they started finding us.

How Integrative Health Found Us

Our first two clients, in fact were Integrative medical practices. Something neither Scott or myself knew much about.

In order to handle their marketing, we had to get to know them. Really dig into what they do, why they do it, and how to communicate it to their prospects… who, by the way, we also had to get to know at a granular level.

So, we’re learning all this as we go, and honestly… the way I saw the world changed. Being immersed in the creation process for their content and campaigns, and hanging out with them during video shoots… Well, they rubbed off on me in the best kind of way.

Or, maybe to put a finer point on it, they educated me and, again, opened my eyes.

On November first of last year, I went all in on a plant-based diet.

No meat.

No dairy.

Since then, I haven’t used or consumed any animal products whatsoever (except for the occasional honey for the odd cough and the leather Doc Marten wingtips I already owned and refuse to part with.)

And the Effects Were…


I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life. Within just a few days of the new lifestyle change, they were gone. I didn’t have a ton of weight I needed to lose, but I managed to drop 25 pounds over the next few months.

And, honestly? I just feel better. SO much better. I feel lighter. Life, on the whole, is BETTER.

It can be a pain when you have to attend a wedding reception and they’ve added an entire dairy farm’s worth of butter to the corn and there’s more cheese than lettuce in the salad…

But on the whole, the transition has been great. It’s amazing what happens to the way you approach life when you’re forced to be very aware of what you’re eating. It slows you down. It connects you to the moment.

And you remember back when I told you that “doing marketing” integrative health saved my life?

Well, here’s what I mean:

Trying to treat all those migraines for the last few decades meant going to the doctor and getting pills. And then more pills. And then more.

Which, long story short, is a path that rarely, rarely ends well.

The Power of Integrative Health Marketing

And as I was creating marketing content for our integrative health clients an amazing thing happened… the content that I was creating was convincing me of a better, more holistic, way to live. And so, I pushed all in and I now have a better, healthier life for it.

So, I am super excited to work with our integrative clients. They’re wonderful people across the board, and honestly? Although we’ve done a ton of good for their marketing efforts—we have the ROI analytics to back it up—I think they’ve helped me even more.

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