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It’s real talk time.

Most of our team walks around with small, semi-permanent contusions on our left biceps from pinching ourselves so often to make sure we aren’t actually dreaming... we truly have the best jobs in the world.


Because we get to work with incredible people and brands, every day, and help them tell their stories in ways that resonate like some sort of giant cosmic tuning fork with their audiences. It’s never easy, but it’s incredibly fulfilling, and we’re blessed to be able to do it. Humans were designed to work, and it almost seems unfair that we get to enjoy what we do every day as much as we do.

And it all starts with our core values.

We value some essential things.

Great People We value every person on our team and place a huge amount of autonomy, responsibility, respect, and trust in them to deliver amazing results for our clients. And we love working with great brands who are doing great things for their customers, making a real difference in the world, and who view us as a trusted partner.


Great People


Great Processes We believe the best results and most fantastic creativity flow from tried and true processes. That’s why we are process-driven to the core. And only the best, most effective, most productive processes survive.


Great Processes


Great Craftsmanship

Great Craftsmanship

Actually, scratch that: Great Craftspersonship. We take a breath before we deliver anything and ask “Is this the best we can do? Are we proud of this?” If the answer isn’t a resounding affirmation, we go back to the drawing board. We don’t ship work we aren’t proud of, even if it means having an uncomfortable conversation.



Great Experiences We are passionate about creating great experiences at every level of engagement. Both inside and outside the company. Internally, we value, recognize, and support each other, every day. For our clients—and their clients too!– this means we do great work, communicate well, take responsibility for our mistakes, use good judgement, and do what we say we’re going to do. This also means that we don’t put up with jerks—both in terms of employees as well as clients. Positivity wins, and we like to win.



Great Experiences

Great Results You can build the prettiest boat in history, but if it doesn’t float, it’s nothing more than a waste of perfectly good tree. Everything we do is in an effort to produce clear, measurable results for our clients. They profit and we profit. Which means we can continue to produce beautiful, brilliant things that have strategy spun through every strand of DNA.



Great Results

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Scott Williams


As the CEO and Founder of Vinyl Marketing, Scott believes that story is a powerful tool to help brands better understand themselves and their customers.

From this foundational narrative approach, his vision for the company continues to be developing and executing sophisticated marketing strategies for businesses, organizations, and higher education institutions looking to refine their brand, clarify their messaging, and get better results.

He has an awesome wife, three incredible kids, and can levitate. (Two of the three prior things are true. Choose your own adventure for once in your life.)

Colleen Cook

Director of Operations

Colleen brings years of marketing experience and deep local connections to her role at Vinyl. A true rockstar at keeping the rest of the team on track, her incredible talents are on display every day—from directing operations to client relations, she brings an incredible work ethic and level of intelligence to every challenge that arises.

As a client, you can rest assured that she cares as much about your brand’s marketing and strategic success as you do. She’s been a guest speaker at the National Arts Marketing Project and Arts Midwest conferences.

When she’s not at work, she loves spending time with her husband and three daughters and writes a weekly lifestyle and advice column for a local online newspaper. Send her bourbon through the appropriate channels. Especially if it has a pink-ish label. She loves that.

Jon Hunn

Creative Director

Jon is living his best life. He works with a team of creative rockstars by day and plays Call of Duty by night. As Creative Director, Jon is responsible for setting the creative direction for projects and ensuring that everything on the production side of things meets the high-quality standards for which Vinyl has come to be known.

Along with his directorial role, he also creates stunning designs, films and edits crazy-great videos, and makes sure we hit the target for our clients each and every time. Versatile and adaptive, whatever role he has in your brand’s project, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s being handled like a true bawse. He’s married to a brilliant teacher, has two awesome boys, and a golden retriever, Teddy.

Christian Motter

Director of Web Design

Christian brings an absurdist sense of humor, an enthusiasm for life, and true web design chops to his role at Vinyl. After years spent in e-commerce, he’s glad to be back on the digital 1’s and 0’s, building big, beautiful websites that earn as many conversions as they do rounds of applause.

He’s the type of dude who will say nice things to your face and then, when you turn your back, say even nicer, more heartfelt things to other people about you.

He and his wife have successfully, via both the birds and the bees, produced the cutest little girl in the world. They’re also foster parents. Which makes most of the rest of us look pretty weaksauce.

Jared Crooks

Director of Story

Jared has—and he challenges you to provide compelling evidence to the contrary—the best job in the world.

Most English/Creative Writing/Philosophy majors end up living like trolls under bridges, looking warily at approaching goats (billy or otherwise) and waiting for people to walk past and answer their riddles in triplicate. Instead, at Vinyl, Jared gets to inhabit the role he was born to fill: telling stories.

As a national-award winning writer who’s ghostwritten for business leaders you’ve surely heard of, he spends his day writing words, translating your brand’s ethos into a compelling, clear message that dazzles and delights your target audience… and leaves them wanting more of what you have to offer.

Greg Brainard

Director of Photography

Born and raised in the spooky pine barrens of New Jersey until the age of seven, Greg currently resides in Spencer, Ohio and ascribes to all things minimalist.

After beginning to teach himself photography and filmmaking from a young age, he worked as a freelancer creating product spotlights for a Fortune 50 company. His love for all things video makes him an asset here at Vinyl as we bring our brand partner’s stories to screens of all sizes.

He’ll make your brand look like whatever happens to be—within the not-quite-broad-enough umbrella of the English language—a slightly more concise synonym of “turbo rad.” He’s also maybe the nicest dude we know.

Josh Pheneger

Brand Director

Josh grew up in Ashland playing golf and rooting for all things Cleveland sports.

After serving as a Trade Show Coordinator/Sales Manager at P. Graham Dunn and as Business Developer at Flight Media, he joined Vinyl Marketing in the summer of 2020.

He claims not to have any superpowers, but we know the truth. He brings to the team a strong sense of humor and an incredible dedication to making sure we’re on time in delivering exactly what we’ve promised to our brand partners.

Amy Miley

Director of Accounts

Amy grew up in a super small town in western Ohio with her parents and five siblings.

After getting a degree in “talking to and about cows” from The Ohio State University, she worked in various marketing and communications roles in the agriculture industry. She values people and loves spending time with friends and family, going out to restaurants, hosting game nights, and eating cheese curds.

Amy now lives on a dairy farm (obviously) with her husband and daughter, Samantha, and is killing it with fire as the Director of Vinyl’s marketing department.

Kaylin Henry

Graphic Designer

Kaylin escaped her small rust-belt hometown and traveled north to study at Ashland University.

After getting her degree in graphic design, she stayed in town, working for two international companies designing artwork for clients like Nickelodeon, Marvel, Disney, and Hasbro. We’re absolutely thrilled to have her design superpowers at our disposal.

When she’s not bending color, space, and time to her will, she collects hot sauces, listens to bands you’ve never heard of, and channels her inner David Lynch. She doesn’t say much, but when she does, it’s more than worth it to pay attention.

Mitch Grandy

Video Specialist

Mitch grew up in Ashland and was drawn to all things video at a young age. He followed this passion to Athens after high school and earned a degree in integrated media from Ohio University.

During this time, he made featurettes, short films, and other pieces of audio-visual alchemy. Before joining the Vinyl team to breathe life into our clients’ visual stories, Mitch worked at a virtual reality laboratory, which, to be honest, is a fact that brings up more questions than answers.

You have our guarantee... His mustache will make yours want to hide in the darkest corner available.

Courtney Klesta-Kinahan

Graphic Designer

Courtney was born and raised in Oberlin and has always had an interest in art. She spent the bulk of her youth doodling pictures for friends and being bad at sports.

Her love of illustration and desire for structure led her to Kent State University, where she graduated with a degree in visual communication design with a minor in marketing. After graduation, she worked for American Greetings and a small marketing agency in Cleveland. She’s also had her hand in work for clients like Disney, Nike, Marvel, DC, Patagonia, Fox Racing, and Carhartt.

She now splits time between Ohio and London, England, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team!

Holly Keyser

Lead Web Designer

Holly brings to Vinyl an assortment of skills and talents, the depth and breadth of which we haven’t yet fully measured.

With a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and a graduate degree from Ashland Theological Seminary, Holly is a gifted web designer with a background in both copywriting and SEO/marketing strategy.

She loves learning watercolor, reading, and spending time outdoors mountain biking, trail running, and backpacking. Along with their Australian cattle dog Bridger, Holly and her husband John currently live and work out of—no joke—a custom-built 2019 Ford Transit van parked somewhere among the moose outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

Natalie Helenthal

Project Manager

Natalie was born and raised in Ashland. She was a captain of Ashland University’s track and field team, earning 4-All-American honors in the hammer and weight throw.

At Ashland, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management before earning her MBA. As a project manager at Vinyl, she brings her experience in logistics and purchasing analysis to creating incredible experiences for each of our clients.

When she’s not hard at work making things run smoothly for our team, she enjoys dogs, Converse shoes, her boyfriend, and sitting on her porch listening to podcasts.

Jillian Henry

Account Strategist

Jillian grew up in Lexington, Ohio. After high school, she moved to Sydney, Australia to study Creative Arts at Hillsong International Leadership College, graduating in 2014.

Currently, she and her husband Jake own a print shop in Mansfield, Ohio called Henry Screen Printing. When she’s not managing projects and delighting clients at Vinyl, she loves going to concerts, skiing and camping with friends, collecting cassette tapes, and watching Law & Order: SVU with her two pitbulls Thor and Bonnie.

Maddie Rogowski

Web Designer

After growing up in Streetsboro, Ohio, Maddie graduated from Ashland University with a degree in marketing and graphic design. She got her start in web development as a Product Marketing Analyst for a fastener manufacturer.

When she’s not creating incredible websites for our clients, she enjoys shopping for antiques, playing a variety of musical instruments, and spending a perfectly good day next to a perfectly good lake.

Molly Priest

Digital Marketing Manager

Molly hails from Wadsworth, Ohio, growing up as the third of four siblings. At Ohio Dominican University she majored in English and public relations and ran cross country and track.

While earning her MBA in project management from Ashland University, she worked at the school as an academic advisor for graduate, online, and adult students. And now… we got her!

When she’s not partnering with our clients to make their brands shine like beacons in the night, she loves running long distances, being outdoorsy, exploring big cities, and spending time with friends and family, including three dogs, one cat, and her nephew Callan. We’re stoked to have her on the team and, frankly, if you’re lucky enough to have her helming your project, so are you.

Nick Cosentino

video specialist

Nicholas Cosentino grew up in Wooster, Ohio and attended the University of Akron. He brings over ten years of video production experience to Vinyl after working at LeafFilter and Techtronic Industries (Hoover, Dirt Devil, Oreck, and Royal Appliance).

He is married with two children and one on the way. In his spare time he loves to cook and play guitar. (Note: In writing his bio, the copy team at Vinyl was instructed to include neither a meditation on or expository interlude about Nick's incredible good looks and manliness. But, alas, his incomparable masculine aesthetic has, undaunted, overwhelmed any editorial edicts and forced its way in as an end note.)

Tyler Scott

Video specialist

Tyler Scott received both of his first names while growing up in Columbus, Ohio and teaching himself the intricacies of film production. After attending Bishop Watterson High School and Columbus State, Tyler worked as an Apple Technician at a Mac Store before joining Vinyl’s video team.

Outside of his current role at Vinyl bringing our clients’ stories to life on screens worldwide, he is a narrative filmmaker. A diehard Columbus Blue Jackets fan and avid rock climber, Tyler also loves video games, climbing rocks in various forms, and brainstorming concepts for his next short film with his kitten Tyson.

Liz Shannon


Liz grew up in Somerville, Ohio, population 400, between an Angus beef farm and a deer hunting ranch. She received a BAS in Adolescent Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University before earning her MBA at Ashland University. She’s worked in various fields across her career including retail, construction, banking, manufacturing, and higher education, including a position with Ashland University’s Career Center for Life Calling.

When she’s not creating and implementing targeted digital marketing strategies for our brand partners, she loves spending time with her husband and their adopted daughter Elena, volunteering through her church, and immersing herself in all things outdoors. In the winter months you’ll find her curled up with her three cats—Khan, Moriarty, and Nebula—reading books about witches, dragons, and/or witch-dragons.

Sadie Vanderzyden

Account Strategist

Hailing from Avon, Ohio, Sadie graduated from Ashland University as a religion major. Before joining the Vinyl team as an Account Strategist, Sadie worked at Goldberry Roasting Company and served as Ashland University’s Assistant Director for the Office of Christian Ministry, where she organized short-term mission trips and headed up The Well ministry.

When she’s not partnering with our clients to help define their brand and create effective and elegant data-driven marketing strategies, Sadie is probably listening to classic rock and jam bands—her father was a legitimate hippie—or further perfecting her parallel parking craft.

After marrying a local, Sadie has fully solidified herself as a proud purple-and-gold-blooded Ashlander, through and through.

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