Cycling Inform

Cycling Inform, located near Melbourne, Australia, is an online membership site that offers its members cycling training from world-class coaches—no matter where they are in the world. We worked with them to develop a full suite of robust membership site marketing strategies


With the membership site up and running, Cycling Inform had a lot of content in their library, but an opt-in process that needed some deep membership site marketing strategy behind it. They also needed well-thought-out lead-gen and nurture email campaigns built.

  • Website pages redesign
  • User experience strategy
  • Social marketing
  • Digital membership site marketing
  • Landing page redesign
  • Email marketing

The strategy, flow, and creation of the content & messaging for the membership site marketing I needed hit at just the right time. I’m epically impressed!


We streamlined the website, cut out the clutter, and created membership site marketing channels based on site metrics, SEO, and their Buyer Personas. We all built out a number of lead-gen and nurture email campaigns, as well as several Facebook ad campaigns designed to convert the periphery of their audience into site members.

  • Website Pages Redesign
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Social Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Landing Page Redesign
  • Email Marketing
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Need more members?

Membership sites are drastically growing in popularity, and for good reason. But there are two necessary elements that every successful membership site has: Great, educational content, and a robust membership site marketing strategy in place to draw more people back to you and delight their socks off. We can help you kill it on both fronts.


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