Wellness Training Institute

Located in Detroit, MI, The Wellness Training Institute combines integrative and functional medicine with the latest in mainstream medical technology to teach its member how to live a better life. We helped them create a killer inbound marketing messaging campaign… and the rest is history.


After having a website built, The Wellness Training Institute realized that the site was just the beginning. So they reached out to us to help them refine their strategic inbound marketing messaging and build out the proper marketing channels. They wanted to position themselves as leaders in the integrative and functional health world and wanted a full inbound marketing campaign to help get those results.

  • Video creation
  • Premium content creation
  • Social marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Strategic inbound marketing messaging
  • Landing page development
  • Email marketing
They take the time to really get to know you and your business. There is no one better. After so much let down from other marketers, Vinyl Marketing is an amazing breath of fresh air.

We helped them develop their Buyer Personas, and then built out a library of killer content—videos, blogs, ebooks, and social sharing content—targeted specifically to those personas. We also streamlined their inbound marketing messaging. Then we built and managed membership campaigns directed at their local market.

  • Video Creation
  • Premium Content Creation
  • Social Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Landing Page Development
  • Email Marketing
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Extreme Reach Crew Services
Novak Solutions

How healthy is your marketing?

The health and wellness industry is packed full of bad advice & misinformation. We can help cut through all the noise and focus your inbound marketing messaging toward the right people. Reach out to us.


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