The 4 Steps for Killer SaaS Marketing Lead Generation: Part 3, SaaS Landing Pages

This is the third installment of a four-part series on how to streamline your SaaS company’s lead generation strategies. Today we’re talking about building fantastically effective SaaS landing pages. If you haven’t read Part 1 and/or Part 2, go do that. Like, right now.

Nobody likes a line jumper.

So, after getting your Content Offer built, your CTAs shining like diamonds, it’s time to get your Landing Page game in gear.

1. Page Layout

Here’s what your SaaS Landing Page needs to look like.[/vc_column_text]


Easy, right?


2. Eliminate the header and footer

You want maximum attention ratio here. Don’t give the prospect an opportunity to space out and start clicking every link they see. There’s only one thing you want them to do. Pretend every prospect is an ADHD five-year-old. That’s the best wisdom I can give you here.

3. Match Title of the page to the CTA

Again, attention ratio. Make it very clear what you want them to do. If the CTA says “Download eBook,” that same language needs to be in the page title.

4. Less is more

Keep it simple, easy to read, and totally functional. You only want them to do one thing. Don’t overwhelm them or give them any excuses not to do what you want them to.

5. Benefits

Benefits. Benefits. Benefits.

Don’t talk specs. Don’t talk about functionality. Don’t try to sell your company itself. No industry jargon. Just talk about how this offer is going to benefit them. It’s all about the prospect. They don’t care about the same details you do. They only care about themselves.

So, give them what they want.

6. Make More SaaS Landing Pages

The more Content Offers you create, the more Landing Pages you will need. The more Landing Pages you can create, the more leads you’re going to get. It’s simple math. Once you get the hang of building these, wash, rinse, and repeat. Your bottom line will love you for it.



In the last installment of our series on the four steps you need to take to optimize your marketing lead generation, we’ll talk about—wait for it!—FORMS.

That sounds terrible, huh?

But stay with me. I promise it’ll be fun. The line between a ton of leads and none at all often rests on whether your Forms are bringing their A-game or riding the pine.

Don’t worry. We’ll whip them into shape.


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