The 5 Types of Titles (That Actually Convert)

So, you’ve got a SaaS content offer and it’s almost ready to launch. You’ve created a killer ebook, got the landing page set up, and both your Calls to Action and Forms are coming correct.

But, now you’ve got to craft a title that’s going to draw people to your content offer, and you are stuck.

Don’t sweat it. Here are the five types of titles that have been shown to convert the best.

1. A Promise + Direct Benefit

Example: “Cure Your Migraines Instantly With These 2 Easy Tricks”

The prospect can clearly see what the benefits will be, as well as how long it will take them to see those benefits (i.e., instantly.)

2. Pose a Threat

Example: “Hold the Cheese: What the Dairy Industry Isn’t Telling You.”

The prospect doesn’t want bad things to happen to them or the people they love. They’ll click to find out what the danger is.

3. Authority

Example: “Learn the Six Investing Tricks Every Fortune 500 CEO Uses.”

We’re a starstruck nation. We trust authority figures. Doctors, engineers, successful business executives. You can use that to your advantage.

4. Shock and awe

Although I think these are way overused, they’re still an option. Mainly, because if used responsibly, they’re very effective. Using words like “shocking,” “sneaky,” “surprising,” “secret,” etc. can catch your prospect’s attention and get them clicking.

Example: “The One Surprising Trick That Can Give You 3 Hours of Your Day Back.”

5. (Odd) Numbers

People friggin lover numbers for some reason. Especially odd ones. Why? Who knows… Science, maybe.

Either way, you can use them in your SaaS content offer.

Example: “The 7 Key Metrics You Didn’t Know You Should be Tracking.”



No matter which one you go with (or a blend of more than one), just make sure that it accurately reflects your SaaS content offer. The whole bait and switch thing has (mostly, and thankfully) run its course. Trust is a valuable asset. Don’t blow that up before you’ve even gotten the prospect’s foot in your door.

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