Upping Your Inbound Game: Part 3, The Inbound Blog Post

This is Part 3 of Upping Your Inbound Game, a 5-part series on, well, upping your inbound marketing game. Today, we’re addressing the Inbound Blog Post.

You can read Parts 1 and 2 here and here.

(Go ahead and read those. I’ll wait.)



So, the third foundational part of your Inbound marketing strategy is optimizing your blog. Blogging is an essential way to draw prospects back to your site.

By writing relevant, educational, and entertaining content written in response to what you know your prospects are looking for online, you will become a trusted source of helpfulness.

And your prospects are going to appreciate it… hopefully enough that when they need to purchase what you’re selling, they’re going to come to you—and not to your competitors.

So, here are some blogging best practices.

Optimize your URL

Search engines crawl your urls, and search engines are how people are going to find you.

So, make sure that you’re using the proper keywords in the url.

What words are people using to search for what you’re blogging about?

Figure that out and you’ve got the keywords you need to use.

Get Your Headline Game Strong

Your headline needs to appeal to both humans and search engines. Again, this goes back to keywords. Also, make sure that your headline matches what you’re actually writing about in the post itself.

Nobody likes to be duped. So, don’t be a duper.

Use some relevant keywords in your post

Back in the olden days of the internet, there was such a thing as “keyword stuffing.” And, sadly, it worked. Search engines have since wizened up, however, and taken a more benefit-driven approach to what they show people in the search. So use some good, relevant keywords in the copy… but keep it within reason.

Your prospects are humans. Write for humans.

Keep Your paragraphs short

Your prospects tend to get intimidated by long blocks of text.






And punchy. (Maybe not THAT punchy, but you’re a smart cookie… you get the idea.)

Link to your other stuff

You want people to stay engaged on your site, so if you mention something in one blog that you’ve expounded upon further in another post, then include a link to it.

Don’t go all nutsauce on this, of course, but a few relevant links per post are probably gonna do the trick.

Include social sharing buttons

People like to share. And if you’re posting great content, they’re gonna want to share it with their friends. It makes them feel smart.

So, help them look smart.

Turn on the Comments

You’re after engagement here. So enable that engagement by turning on the comment section at the end of each blog post.

And then monitor it and answer any questions your prospects might post. Or thank them. Or refer them to more interesting stuff on the internet—even if it’s not yours.

Just be cool. Friendly and cool.

Call to action

Think of this as less of an attempt to sell them something, and more like an invitation to engage further. Link to another post. Or a landing page where you’re going to give them a free eBook. Or, whatever. You’ll think of something delightful. I’m sure of it.

You just want them to stick around.



Again, your blog is a very important part of your Inbound marketing strategy. So, take these ideas and maximize your blog’s potential. You prospects—and your bottom line—will thank you.

Next up: Part 4. Let’s get your Emails optimized.

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