The Make or Break Element: The Surprising Missing Piece From Most Wellness Websites

In our work with our clients in the world of Integrative medicine, we visit a lot of wellness websites.

Some of them are great. Most of them are… well, not so great.

And there are a few factors in determining which category a particular site falls into. Site design, layout, a severe lack of relevant content, etc…

But the single most important of these oft-missing elements is probably the most shocking.

Which is…

There’s no focus on the benefits.

The Benefits

Most wellness websites describe what they do… without even acknowledging that the visitor is there for a reason.

She didn’t wander there by accident. But most, likely, she’s there on purpose.

She has a problem, and she needs answers.

She comes to the site, and she gets some information.

What she doesn’t get, though?

How any of the products or services are going to help her.

So, why is this so often left out?

I think the answer lies in how most businesses—integrative included– build out their website.

The site’s purpose, after all, is to promote their business or practice. So a lot of time and energy is spent on attempting to communicate WHAT they do. Where are they located? What products or services do they offer? What separates them from their competition?

Which, of course, is fine. It’s all necessary information.

But look at which words show up the most in that description.




Their process is inwardly focused.

So it only makes sense that the end product would come across the same way.

If your raisins are moldy, tossing them into that tabouli salad you love so much isn’t going to make them less moldy. Start with the wrong thing and the end isn’t going to be right.

The Answer

The answer to this problem is to start in a different place.

Namely, with your ideal client (or what’s called a Buyer Persona in the inbound marketing world.)

Start from their point of view. What problems do they have? How are they feeling about those problems? In fact, do they even realize they have a problem?

Then, ask: Wellness Websites

What happens if they go with your solution?

How’s it going to benefit themWellness Websites

If (heaven forbid) your wellness website doesn’t currently do this, there’s hope. It’s not a hard process. But, I will make you the promise that if you take this tact with your site, you’re going to see real, measurable results.

So, stretch out that empathy muscle, put on a pair of your ideal client’s shoes, and take a walk over to the drawing board.

That client will love you for it.

They’ll probably want their shoes back, of course, but still… they’ll appreciate all the other parts.

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