The Spyglass or the Microscope: How This Single, Slight Adjustment to Your Integrative Health Marketing Will Explode Your Client List

Equipped with a head full of expertise, your integrative healthcare practice is just waiting to explode. You know your stuff, you’ve planned everything out. You know what problems you have solutions for, and you’ve done everything the experts have told you, marketing-wise.

You’ve started a blog.

You’ve written an eBook.

Your website looks great.

You have an email campaign set up, just ready to be triggered.

You’re even running a Facebook ad campaign so perfect that Mark Zuckerberg would weep for joy at the site of it.

And yet…


Nobody’s reading the blogs. No one has downloaded your eBook. Your website is literally just window dressing now, for all it’s being utilized. The emails are great. Your offers are great. Your program is downright perfect.

If only someone would stumble upon any of it.

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to.

But why isn’t any of it working?

Answer: Because you’re trying to tend garden with a bulldozer. You’re using a telescope instead of a microscope.

Get Niche… But In a Smart Way

The biggest obstacle we see with our potential clients in the integrative/functional health space is a general unwillingness to get specific.

Not that it’s their fault. Not at all. Because honestly, what I’m suggesting sounds downright counterintuitive. Holistic health at its very core is an acceptance of the broadness of human health and wellness. A connection at the atomic is a connection at the cosmic.

Heck, that broadness is exactly the whole appeal of the thing.

But from a MARKETING angle… that’s where the generality of it all is so deadly.

The idea here is this: To really succeed in marketing your integrative practice, you need to be seen. You need to stand out. You need to be the non-dairy cream rising to the top of the pail of almond milk… 

Or, you know, whatevs.

Point being.. Given the level of noise that’s already out there, no one is ever going to stumble upon you if you’re targeting search terms like ”health & wellness,” or “gut health.”

Amazon itself already has those locked up and chained fast to whatever search engine result you could even imagine.

Instead, you need to get specific.

Like, super specific.

But… you need to do it in a smart way.

A way that narrows in on WHAT exactly your ideal clients are SPECIFICALLY looking for.

I’ll show you exactly what I mean… right after a quick story about your integrative healthcare practice’s future client.

Googling It

Let’s say you’re a “gut health” expert.

And you want to target people who have autoimmune diseases, along with chronic inflammation issues.

So, your future client pulls up her cell phone in the middle of the night. She’s miserable. She’s lost some hair. Her joints hurt. Her face has been puffy lately. The winter weight that normally falls off come April just isn’t leaving like it has in the past. Her husband sighs a lot around her these days, in a very annoying way. Work seems more stressful than ever. And to make matters worse… her periods are all over the place.

Let’s say that a Hashimoto’s diagnosis is right on point in this situation. Checks out for the most part, right?

But here’s the thing…

How’s she going to describe the disease?

Is she going to Google “thyroid”? Or “thyroid disorders”? Or even “what’s wrong with my thyroid?”

No, of course not.

She’s going to search instead, first, for why she’s not losing weight despite the diet she’s on.

And, maybe, beauty tips on how to keep her face from looking puffy.

She’s going to type worried queries about “how old do you have be before arthritis is something you need to worry about?”

She might google “tricky signs of a dysfunctional marriage.”

Or, she might even search for the best pregnancy tests available given how “off” her cycle has been of late.

So, that targeting you did?

All those blogs you wrote, those ads you wrote targeting words like “autoimmune,” and “disease,” and even “Hashimoto’s?”

They aren’t working.

You thought you were going narrow, right? Not many people type various iterations of “thyroiditis” into the search results every day, after all.

But here’s the thing. Yes, it’s narrow. But it’s all sorts of the wrong kind of narrow.


Because the focus here is on the wrong end of the scope.

Drop the Diagnosis & Pin Down the Pain Point

Your perfect prospect, who actually has Hashimoto’s, will type almost every word in the English language before she ever gets around to actually typing in the MAIN THING THAT’S WRONG WITH HER.


Because she’s probably not a doctor who can diagnose herself. She’s a real person with a real life. Which means all of her problems are going to make perfect sense to her, but despite the fact that you’re way over there on the expert side of things, they might as well be post-modernist dialectical criticism of early 15th century Sondergotik architecture to your artistically uninformed eye.


She’s not out looking for the disease. She’s looking for the WHY behind her current misery.

She needs answers for why, exactly, her head hurts so badly right this minute. Or why the heck she wakes up to a pillowcase covered in her own hair every morning. Why her body itself seems to be rejecting their marriage. Or even, more broadly, why she just feels awful.

Put a Microscope On Your Ideal Client’s Real Life

So, don’t be apprehensive about really narrowing down your focus.

Don’t write a blog post about “Hashimoto’s.” Write one about why her face is puffy, why her biological cycles have run amuck, or why the weight won’t come off no matter what she tries.

Remember, at this moment, your marketing angle needs to be laser-focused.

But that doesn’t limit the breadth and scope of what you can do for people. It also doesn’t mean that choosing a specific niche now will limit you down the line.

Embrace the marketing moment. Who can you help right now? What SPECIFIC problems, in their own words, do they have right now? What’s keeping them awake right this second?

Put away the steam shovel and grab the tweezers.

Niche is the name of the game. Dial down your marketing to a single point of light.

Focus down on that one single molecular pain point, and a whole universe of healing opportunity just might be next!

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