Who Cares: The One Thing That’s Clouding The Marketing Message for Your SaaS/Technology Solution

In our work with marketing for technology businesses, one of the first problems we have to help them solve is a question of translation.

They understand their products—and those products are awesome. But communicating those products is generally an issue.

They know what the product or service does. But their potential clients often do not.

We have to get them to shift their focus.

Before I tell you what that shift entails, though, let’s do a little thought experiment.

Who Cares?

Let’s say I tell you that I’ve discovered the vaccine for the ImBotu4 disease. Are you gonna care? Of course not. We all have resumes.

What if I then tell you that the ImBotu4 vaccine targets the outer intersitial cells of the Cajal Phenotype? Would that matter to you? Nope.

marketing for technology businessesBut, what if I then tell you that ImBotu4 disease is a deadly virus that’s now at epidemic levels… and everyone has it.

Now, you care.

(BTW: I made that disease up. And you don’t have it. So, congrats on that!)

The reason why you care is because the facts in the first two pitches aren’t really all that interesting. They’re specs, essentially. They hit the part of the brain that doesn’t have much emotive function. Plus, the first two are pretty complicated.

But that third one hits us in the emotional part of the brain. Part of that is because it’s simple, clear, and you suddenly get why I’ve developed the vaccine.

Why it Matters

The third instance is also effective because it’s clear to you that I understand why that would matter to you. You’re a human, and you don’t want to get a disease. It’s a compelling offer, then, because you know that I get it. I know your problems. And now I’m addressing them.marketing for technology businesses

That’s the point here. People will understand the value of what you’re offering when you can clearly tell them the benefits of that thing or service—in a way that resonates with them on a personal, emotional level.

To get to that level, however, you first have to spend some time getting to know your customer.





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