Why Your Integrative Healthcare Practice Needs to Send More Email

Two things…

First, some truth: Your integrative healthcare practice needs to be sending out more marketing emails.

Secondly, before I do that, I’m going to give you a “what if.”

To wit…

Imagine if your integrative health practice operated out of a building you were renting. Business is good. You’re helping tons of people that mainstream medicine has already given up on. Your reputation in the community is stellar and there’s nothing but smooth sailing from here to the horizon.

Except… Your landlord comes to you and gives you notice that you’ve got 30 days to get out. He doesn’t give a reason, and honestly? It doesn’t matter.

You’re out.

And your practice is going to suffer for it.

Aside from the inconvenience, all your marketing information is no longer valid. And despite whatever legwork you do to make sure that your current—and future!—clients can physically find you, this forced move is guaranteed to throw a real wrench into the whole operation.

But, let’s say you own the building you operate out of. That’s a whole different story, huh? It’s yours. And you’re in total control.

Digital Sharecropping

Your marketing is no different. Plenty of businesses find success on, say, Facebook, or Google+, or any number of other properties that they have literally no ownership over.

What happens if Facebook disappears tomorrow? On its face, that sounds like a highly unlikely scenario. But… just think about all the other social platforms that have come and gone in a very short period of time. MySpace was king for a while. Now it’s all but gone. Twitter, once the darling of the social tech world, isn’t doing very well at the moment.

This practice is known as digital sharecropping. That ‘field” you don’t own could vanish at any moment… and all your “crops” with it.

The point being… your primary marketing channels need to be on places you own. And you own your email.

If your email provider peaces out tomorrow? No problem… You switch to another one, paste your email copy over, hit GO and you’re up and running in just a few minutes. Why? Because you own it.

And what exactly is it that you own?

You own what is still the most effective content marketing channel out there.

Why Email is Still the Most Effective Marketing Strategy on Earth

Email marketing still works for a number of reasons.

First, the people you’re emailing have given you permission to contact them directly. It’s a very warm environment.

Two, because of that permission, you can engage them directly, personally, and in a way that you know will resonate.

Three, there’s nothing standing in the way between you and your clients and prospects. There’s no gatekeeper.

Four, out of everyone who uses the Internet on at least a weekly basis, 90% of them actively use email.

Five, the ROI on email is astronomically high. Like, 3,800% high.

Six… well, honestly, I could put this list up into the hundreds, but if these first five reasons aren’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what will.

So, set up an email marketing campaign. Deliver high-quality content, advice, recipes, videos, infographics… whatever you know will resonate with your audience. Give them great content. Answer the questions you know they’re asking. In short, nurture the heck out of them.

And keep those channels—YOUR channels—flowing freely. Your current and future clients will love you for it.

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