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And it's an honor to help tell their brand story. Here's just a few of them.

We do four primary things for the brands we work with: digital marketing, brand development, content creation, and consulting and strategy. But just saying that’s what we do doesn’t mean much if the results aren’t measurable and repeatable.

Talk’s cheap.

Stats aren’t.

Here’s how our four main services have played out for just a few of our clients...

01 Ashland UniversitY

Digital Marketing / Brand Development
/ Content Creation / Consulting and Strategy

When Ashland University began working on a new, multi-year fundraising effort, they quickly realized how complex such an endeavor could become.

In order to extend their marketing bandwidth, create a strategy, and then implement the campaign, the Office of Advancement reached out to us for help to tell the stories that have shaped the history of the school and define the future success of the institution.

02 Puremix

Digital Marketing / CONTENT CREATION / Consulting and Strategy

pureMix connects audio engineers around the world with the true masters of the craft, offering video tutorials and a wide array of other musical education services.

We partnered with them to define their core audiences, create marketing and advertising strategies, and help take their brand to the next level.

03 Packaging corporation
of america

CONTENT CREATION / Consulting and Strategy

When Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) introduced a massive new manufacturing process designed to provide their client base with more branding options than ever before, they reached out to us to create a marketing campaign to get the word out.

The challenges, from the beginning, were numerous. Here’s how we overcame them.

04 Peter's Wildlife Safaris

CONTENT CREATION / Consulting and Strategy

When Peter’s Wildlife Safaris wanted to increase awareness around their safari services and conservation ethos, we came up with an unexpected plan to capture their story.

Several videos and a website later, they now have an amazing way to communicate their personal and professional passions and a vehicle to get more people involved in making an impact halfway around the globe.

05 Ashland Public

Brand Development / CONTENT CREATION / Consulting and Strategy

The Ashland Public Library has long been a central point of access for community members of all ages. When they decided to update their branding to match the physical remodeling efforts in their building, we brought marketing strategy and execution to our partnership.

And after taking their branding to the next level, creating a killer brand video and beautiful photography, and building a website that’s both gorgeous and user friendly, the results speak for themselves.

06 Wellness training

Brand Development / Content Creation /
Marketing Strategy

We’ve been working with The Wellness Training Institute for years. So, when their brand no longer represented who they are and why they exist, they turned to us.

After many discovery and brainstorming sessions, we developed a brand identity and messaging that’s as holistic as it is strategic.

We couldn’t have imagined a better result.

07 Case Western Reserve University

Content Creation / Marketing Strategy

Case Western Reserve University is one of the nation’s leading research universities, and their Day of Giving has historically matched their prestigious reputation.

So, when their Annual Giving team approached us to help them take their campaign to the next level, we partnered with them to dream up a strategy and develop an execution plan to crush their goals... even in the midst of a pandemic.

08 Ohio Northern university

Content Creation / Marketing Strategy

Ohio Northern University has a rich history of support from alumni and friends. Even so, they knew that this year’s Founder’s Day needed to have a more strategic approach than years past.

We partnered with many departments to implemented a strategy, coordinated with an already flourishing community of gratitude, to produce an exciting promotional campaign leading up to—and announcing—this year’s event.

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